Reinhold Glière

The Symphony No. 3 in B minor “Ilya Muromets”, Op. 42, is a large symphonic work by Russian composer Reinhold Glière. A program symphony, it depicts the life of Kievan Rus’ folk hero Ilya Muromets. It was written from 1908 to 1911 and dedicated to Alexander Glazunov. The premier took place in Moscow on 23 March 1912 under Emil Cooper, and in 1914 the piece earned Glière his third Glinka Award (having already received it in 1905 and 1912).

Symphony No. 3 (Ilya Muromets) Op. 42
1. I. Pèlerins errants. Ilia Mourometz et Sviatogor
2. II. Solovéï le Brigand
3. III. Chez Vladimir Beau Soleil
4. IV. Les prousses et la pétrification d’Ilia Mourometz

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