Giuseppe Verdi

The Quattro pezzi sacri (Italian pronunciation: [ˈkwattro ˈpɛttsi ˈsaːkri], Four Sacred Pieces) are choral works by Giuseppe Verdi. Written separately during the last decades of the composer’s life and with different origins and purposes, they were nevertheless published together in 1898 by Casa Ricordi. They are often performed as a cycle, not in chronological sequence of their composition, but in the sequence used in the Ricordi publication:

Ave Maria, a setting of the Latin Ave Maria for four solo voices a cappella composed in 1889
Stabat Mater, a setting of the Latin Stabat Mater for chorus and orchestra composed in 1896 and 1897
Laudi alla Vergine Maria, a setting of a prayer in Canto XXXIII of Dante’s Paradiso for four female voices a cappella composed between 1886 and 1888
Te Deum, a setting of the Latin Te Deum for double chorus and orchestra composed in 1895 and 1896.
They were first performed together (without the Ave Maria) in a concert by the Paris Opera on April 7, 1898.

Quattro pezzi sacri
1. I Ave Maria 5:05
2. II Stabat mater 12:28
3. III Laudi alla Vergine Maria 5:43
4. IV Te Deum 15:39

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