Antonio Vivaldi – Introduzione al Dixit

An introduzione is a motet for solo voice intended to be sung before certain choral settings of liturgical texts. Eight introduzioni by Antonio Vivaldi survive, each in three or four movements. The texts of introduzioni are non-liturgical, but sometimes paraphrases of liturgical texts. In the Ryom Verzeichnis, Vivaldi’s introduzioni are numbered from RV 635–642.
Vivaldi’s introduzioni are written for a solo singer, either alto or soprano, accompanied by instruments. The musical structure seems to derive from the text: four of the eight (RV 635, 636, 637, and 642) consist of two arias in da capo form surrounding a central recitative. One (RV 638) has a central aria flanked by two recitatives; another (RV 640) has just two movements – recitative then aria – and a third (RV 641) has four movements (two recitatives, aria, recitative). The remaining one (RV 639) has the structure ‘aria-recitative-aria’ but Vivaldi interwove the second aria into the first movement of the liturgical work which followed it – the Gloria (RV 588).

1. Allegro: Canta in prato 4:34
2. Recitativo: Sacra fulgescit nobis 0:49
3. Allegro: Avenae restrictae sinceri 0:52


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