The Flute Quartet No. 1 in D major, K. 285, by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart for flute, violin, viola, and cello, the first of three quartets for the amateur Ferdinand De Jean, was probably written between 1777 and 1778.
It is in three movements :
1. Allegro (D major, sonata form, common time)
2. Adagio (B minor, ternary form, 3/4)
3. Rondeau: [Allegro] (D major, sonata rondo form, 2/4)
Ludwig van Beethoven borrowed from the first movement for his Duo for clarinet and bassoon of 1792.
The “distinguished Adagio in B minor, [is] a romantic troubadour song which, in the brevity of its thirty-five bars, hints at the future slow movement of the A major piano concerto (K.488).”
There are a number of different editions. The edition of G. Schirmer was edited by Louis Moyse, while that for International music was edited by Jean-Pierre Rampal. The piece has also been arranged for flute and guitar.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Flute Quartet in D major K 285


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