Antonio Vivaldi – Gloria

Antonio Vivaldi wrote at least three settings of the hymn Gloria in excelsis Deo, whose words date probably from the 4th Century and which is an integral part of the Ordinary of the Mass. Two survive: RV 588 and RV 589. A third, RV 590, is mentioned only in the Kreuzherren catalogue and presumed lost. The RV 589 Gloria is a familiar and popular piece among sacred works by Vivaldi. It was probably written at about the same time as the RV 588, possibly in 1715.

1. Allegro: Gloria in excelsis Deo 2:12
2. Andante: Et in terra pax 5:06
3. Allegro: Laudamus te 2:26
4. Adagio – Allegro: Gratias agimus tibi 1:34
5. Largo: Domine Deus, rex coelestis 4:16
6. Allegro: Domine Fili 2:08
7. Adagio: Domine Deus, Agnus Dei 4:56
8. Adagio – Allegro: Qui tollis 1:02
9. Allegro: Qui sedes 2:27
10. Allegro: Quoniam 0:46
11. Allegro: Cum Sancto Spiritu 2:58


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